From my interest in neuroscience I take the viewer to my pictorial universe. Fascinated by the imaginary representation of mental space, nerve impulses, neural topography and the exchange of information in the brain, I evoke psychic landscapes to create my paintings and videos. The movement enhances the dynamic, excessive and psychedelic atmosphere of the paintings, while deconstructing them. The videos have been developed with elements from my own pictorial work generating an amplified space of this neuronal universe.
I see the games as metaphors of states of mind, or cognitive processes or even role-plays. So, ´Coming to you´ is one of this serial. I am currently working on other metaphors bases on Tetris, Pac-Man, Space Invaders.

I evoke a Pinball as a metaphor of an altered, anxious state of mind, as the sphere bounces all over the place.
Although surrounded by beauty, multiple selves whip back, as coming forward and backwards unpeacefully, unable to contemplate. The loop indicates the permanence in this state of mind. This general view, complements with another video that shows a subjective journey in the same landscape. Both videos are shown one next to the other, two perspectives at the same time. We may be now ready to look at the forest and the tree at once; and this integration that gathers both a general view and a subjective perception and perspective may be the exit door to take a quantum leap to another state, to another level of consciousness.